POPI-Portal Schools and Educational Organisations

In partnership with Baitseanape Management Consulting (BMC)

R1 200.00 / YEAR

Quick Overview

The TPN POPI-Portal will guide you through the POPI Act in a simple, step by step process. It is specialised for educational organisations of any size and any level whether private, public or extra-curricular.

In terms of POPI Regulations, all schools and educational organisations must maintain a Personal Information Impact Assessment. The POPI-Portal provides a personalised Impact Assessment for your organisation and suggests an Action Plan that will allow your school to continuously improve how personal information is accessed, stored and used. The Action Plan provides suggestions on what to implement to improve your compliance, allows you to capture the actions you have taken, and add any extra steps that still need to be taken.

As an added bonus, the POPI-Portal for Schools and Educational Organisations provides all the Policies and Procedures needed for full POPI compliance included in the TPN POPI-Pack.

This is an annual subscription which is renewed in the 13th month and is charged as a monthly fee from the date of renewal.

The POPI-Portal is a simplified system that allows you to identify risks in your organisation and gives suggestions to help you reduce these risks.

The POPI-Portal:
  • Provides your organisation with its Inherent (Existing) Risk Score
  • Gives Personalised Input to record Control Measures which will help you manage the organisation’s Residual (Remaining ) Risk
  • Provides the organisation with their Remaining Risk
  • Enables a Questionnaire against the 8 pillars of the POPI Act
  • Creates a personalised Action Plan to be prioritised and as action tasks are completed, improves the organisation’s overall Risk Matrix Score
  • Includes your POPI-Pack with all the Policies you need for POPI compliance

Baitseanape Management Consulting (BMC) is a leading business management and advisory consulting services firm operating in the public and private sector. With more than 20 years’ experience in corporate governance and compliance, privacy, forensic services and internal auditing, BMC incorporates a powerful niched network of Internal and Forensic Auditors, Chartered Accountants and Compliance Officers. The Chief Operating Officer of BMC, Abel Pienaar partnered with TPN Credit Bureau to create the most dynamic POPI Compliance System in the market, the TPN POPI-Portal. See more.