Commercial LeasePack

In partnership with Fullard Mayer Morrison

R2 940.00 / YEAR

Quick Overview

This LeasePack contains documentation relevant for estate agents, managing agents or property managers who lease commercial properties. Landlords who manage their own properties use the TPN Commercial LeasePack to ensure that they adhere with the latest in legal requirements.

This is an annual subscription which is renewed in the 13th month and is charged as a monthly fee from the date of agreement of renewal.

This pack is available in a writable PDF version.

Commercial LeasPack is drafted and kept up-to-date by TPN’s panel attorneys to provide the subscriber with all the essential documentation needed to ensure that when leasing a commercial property to either the individual (Natural Person) or a company (Juristic Person), your legal documents are in line with all the latest requirements applicable to each relationship in law. The subscriber has access to Leases, Mandates, Deeds of Surety and Resolutions to name a few. Access to the Commercial LeasePack simplifies the commercial leasing field while insuring that the parties have all the necessary legal protections that can be afforded in each contractual relationship. In the highly competitive environment of commercial leasing, it simply is good business sense to have up-to-date, legally compliant documentation to make the process as easy as possible.

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