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What is eSign?

TPN eSign is a document management solution designed to enable you to receive, view and sign your TPN agreements electronically on any device from anywhere.

Never worry about printing, signing and scanning again.

Create folders to organise your documents

Access your documents while away from your desk

Unlimited filing space for all your documents

What are the benefits of eSign?

Signatures are secure and traceable through two-factor authentication

eSign is completely free to PDF and Word subscribers of the TPN Packs

Brand documents with your unique company logo, free to Word subscribers

Create a direct link to the document from your property listing

Stay updated with real-time status updates on your documents

Create an unlimited number of documents to send for signature

Where can I use eSign?

eSign is available on the following TPN Packs

Residential LeasePack

Suitable for estate agents and landlords who manage their own properties.

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HR Pack

Contains documentation relevant for those who employ in the South African market.

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Commercial LeasePack

Contains documentation relevant for those who lease commercial properties.

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