Residential LeasePack

In partnership with SSLR Incorporated

R600.00 / YEAR

Quick Overview

This LeasePack contains documentation relevant for estate agents, managing agents or property managers who lease residential properties which are owned by individuals or companies. Landlords who manage their own properties use the TPN Residential LeasePack to ensure that they adhere with all the latest in legal requirements.

This is an annual subscription which is renewed in the 13th month and is charged as a monthly fee from the date of agreement of renewal.

This pack is available in a writable PDF version.

Residential LeasePack is essential to any agent or landlord active in the residential leasing market. It contains a variety of documents drafted and kept up-to-date by TPN’s panel attorneys on a bimonthly basis. Whether you need an Application Form or a Notice to Vacate, the pack provides clear and concise legal documents for every possible situation, including residential Lease Agreements for an individual (Natural Person) and a company (Juristic Person) as well as three, more specific Lease Agreements that can be used for Holiday, Student or Month-to-Month leasing. When using the Lease Agreements, Mandates and additional documentation (which includes a Deed of Surety and Acknowledgement of Debt) you can be certain that your documentation is in line with the Rental Housing Act, Consumer Protection Act and the very latest developments in legislation that applies to residential leasing.

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