School Fees Recovery Pack

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Parents or Guardians whose income has been lost or limited due to:
  • Retrenchment;
  • Placed on temporary unpaid leave; and
  • Commission earners who are unable to work
but who have all previously exhibited a trend of paying their school fees in full, are candidates for a School Fees Recovery Plan.

The School Pack allows for two scenarios:

1. Parent Income Declaration Form
This Declaration Document should be completed by all Parents who would like to apply to the School for a deferment of School Fees. The purpose of this document is for the Parent to declare the reason for their loss of earnings and to allow the School to confirm this with the employer as well as request the necessary supporting documentation.

2. School Fee Deferment agreement
The School Fee Deferment Document takes into consideration that the Parent’s obligation to make full School Fee payment is suspended for the period of the National State of Disaster. This option includes a repayment plan for the School Fees to be reinstated over instalments for the remaining period of the School Fee agreement term once the State of Disaster has been lifted. This is to be utilised where the Parent acknowledges liability and should the Parent default on the repayment agreement, the School may take further legal action on the basis of this document.
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Parental Income Declaration Form 1.0 Word PDF
School Fee Deferment agreement 1.1 Word PDF

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